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Scottish Dry Eye Guidelines 2018.pdf

Click here to view Dr Magdalena Edington's presentation that won the 2016 SOC Travel Bursary


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Duke Elder Exam Course

Planning on sitting the Duke Elder Exam 2019? 
We have developed a course specifically for that. One day course on the 19th January in Dundee. Developed by a top 4 and top 5 candidates 2018. Taught by the above candidates as well as consultant Ophthalmologists and trainees. 
Last year we developed a course in which 10 attended and 6 of those came top 10% and two in the top 20 performing candidates. This year we have improved this course and have added 45 questions to test your knowledge at the end, as well provide you with teaching materials - all you need to score highly in the exam. 
The fee will be £30 and will cover costs of food, teaching materials, as well as sponsor a children's hospital in need of basic medical and surgical supplies. 
Please see below our website for more information and a leaflet on the course program:‚Äč


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